Mox Bank is a new virtual bank backed by Standard Charter Bank (Hong Kong) to provide personal banking service entirely online.


I received the physical card one day after the registration via DHL. The speed and quality feel promising.

Received from the mail box
The back of the box, with a zip for easy unboxing
A very nice looking packaging
Modern folding design
The Welcome letter from CEO - Deniz Guven

The ATM card relies on the MasterCard network, which enables customer access their money via the Jetco ATM network for free and the MasterCard ATM in the Globe with a small charge.

World MasterCard

Interestingly, it shows as a MasterCard Credit instead of a Master Card Debit it should be. I am not sure is it just a temporary situation or it is on purpose. There are some differences in Credit and Debit card in real life, especially in western countries, Debit Card will have slight advantages on fees that might apply.

It is also slowing this card identity as a MasterCard World, but using a MasterCard World Elite logo in its card face, same logo as the Citibank Prestige MasterCard World Elite. It should potentially be entitled to some of the MasterCard World benefits as well.

Metal card comparison

While I don't have lots of metal card on hands, but the Mox Card Founder Edition still one of the most elegant cards that should fit your wallet.
It shared the same weight as American Express Rose Gold (US) card, at 14g, while slightly lighter than the American Express Platinum Card (US) at 18g. If you prefer a more lightweight card but still have the premium metal finish, Citibank Prestige MasterCard (11g) is sill your best choice.